UI Next minor bugs

Running AWX 24.5.0

I know UI next is a tech preview, so please excuse me and feel free to just close this, if this is not helpful/too early for bug reports/…

3 Minor bugs

Trying out the new RBAC (thanks for all the great work! :heart: ), through “UI next” (which I guess is the only way of doing so at the moment), I noticed some minor bugs:

  • Job Template → Schedules → Create Schedule → Rules → Create rule using unchanged defaults
      1. click “5 more” in the overview of current rules => it forwards to next page instead of showing 5 more
      1. continue to last step, click “finish” => Error message “y is undefined”
  • Searching for an organization with an unusual name does not work as expected
      1. We have an organization called “AB-CDE1 + AB-CDE2”; It can´t be found using the search bar, I´m guessing because of the ‘+’ within its name(?)
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