The new Galaxy is completely broken

My main issue isn’t that Galaxy is being reworked, my issue is the fact that it’s being rolled out forcibly, when it’s clearly, totally not ready to go live. It’s no comfort that managers are “talking about issues”, and they’ll be sorted out “eventually”, it’s been months and my roles are still unusable because you don’t fix things in a timely manner.

It took me weeks to even be able to register on this forum, the only way to talk about issues, because it said there are “issues” with my username, or email, or password, even though it put big green check marks on all three. I even tried to reach out on Twitter, no response. All other support is put behind a paywall for paying RH customers. Now after a couple of weeks I was finally able to register here, so now I can at least talk about how broken things are.

And the “improvements” like the docs viewer isn’t any comfort either. Get the MAIN functionality to work first, then talk about eye candy. Also some very basic stuff that (if I understand correctly) won’t even be available in the web UI, like adding and syncing roles. You’ll only be able to do things from the CLI. How is removing existing, working, basic functionality an improvement? I really don’t get the whole thing.

But like I said, feel free to play around the new version, do stuff with it, evaluate changes. In a sandbox. Not in production. Because it’s breaking everyone’s stuff, and I’m in the process of trying to find new ways to deploy my roles, because clearly, Galaxy is not a place to rely on. It’s completely unacceptable to leave things broken for months. We do and use these things as part of our livelihood.

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