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Issue #128, 2024-01-26 (Past Issues)

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KEY DATES :stopwatch:

cybette shared


Gwmngilfen shared

Ansible at FOSDEM / CfgMgmtCamp

Hey folks! As you may know, there’s a big conference in Europe each year called FOSDEM. We’ll be there, and we’ll have a stand in K building too, so come down and talk to us! More details on the forum and if want to help on the stand and talk to other users there’s a signup table further down - we expect that our team will handle the majority/all of that, but you are welcome if you want to stand around talking :slightly_smiling_face:

After that we’ll have our usual Ansible track at CfgMgmtCamp - again, details and links to the schedule are available in the forum. Come along for some excellent talks from other users and developers! :heart:

Finally, on Wed 7th we’ll have the first Ansible Collab @ Cfgmgmtcamp - basically a hackday of sessions and discussions for users to get started with contribution, and existing contributors to work on things interesting to them. The forum topic is open to your suggestions of what you’d like to discuss, let’s hear it! :pray:

See you all there! :tada:

PROJECT UPDATES :hammer_and_wrench:

Felix Fontein contributed

There are two new GitHub Actions for building collection artifacts and testing Galaxy import with a collection. Both actions contain a shared workflow which makes using them easier; using the action directly gives you more flexibility to include it into complex workflows. The Galaxy import shared workflow can be added rather simply to a collection.

DevTools :arrow_upper_right:

Projects to make it easier to write and test Ansible Content. Includes VScode extension, language server, ansible-lint, molecule, ansible-navigator and potentially other development goodies. To see what’s planned, and how you can help checkout the foundation-devtools project board

Qalthos said

The devtools projects will soon be switching from SemVer to CalVer for new releases.
There’s a bit to go into, so you can read more about what that means and when it will happen at this discussion on the forums.


Rohit Thakur said

We have made minor release for cisco.ios v6.1.0 Networking collections that also include bugfixes, also we made a major release (bumping requires_ansible to >=2.14.0) for Network Backup Validated Content Collection v2.0.0.

Felix Fontein contributed

community.docker 3.6.0 has been released! This collection contains a set of new modules: several modules breaking features out of the overly complex docker_image module (docker_image_build, docker_image_pull, docker_image_push, docker_image_remove, docker_image_tag), including a new build module using Docker’s BuildKit/buildx plugin, and finally two modules for working with Docker Compose v2: docker_compose_v2 and docker_compose_v2_pull. Additionally, the docker_stack* modules now support more options to connect to the Docker Daemon; docker_containersupports the new networks[].mac_address option required since Docker API 1.44 (introduced with Moby 25.0.0) to set MAC addresses of containers; and the inventory plugins support a filters option thanks to the new community.library_inventory_filtering_v1 collection, which is from now on a collection dependency of community.docker.

andersson007_ said

the community.mysql collection version 2.* is EOL: no bugfixes will be backported any more. If you still use it, please consider upgrading to version 3.

Felix Fontein contributed

community.crypto 2.17.0 has been released with a new feature for the luks_device module.

Felix Fontein contributed

community.internal_test_tools 0.11.0 has been released. It contains some fixes for the extra sanity test runner, deprecates the tools/ tool, and marks some internal testing purpose plugins as internal.

andersson007_ said

The community.clickhouse collection version 0.1.1 has been released. Thanks to aleks_vagachev (GH aleksvagachev) for the fast feedback and fixing the collection!

resmo said in version 1.12.1 has been released. See changelog for changes.

Felix Fontein contributed

community.routeros 2.12.0 has been released with multiple new features for the API modules.

Felix Fontein contributed

community.hrobot 1.9.0 has been released. The only change is that the inventory plugin’s filters option has been renamed to simple_filters, so that in the next major release more extensive filters from community.library_inventory_filtering_v1 can be used.

andersson007_ contributed

The first MVP release 0.1.0 of the community.clickhouse collection has been made. If you’re a ClickHouse user/contributor, please try and share feedback.

gomathiselvi said 7.2.0 has been released. This release includes new features and a bugfix. (see changelog for details).


mariolenz said

As mentioned in The Bullhorn #125, we consider an effectively unmaintained collection. Therefore, we’ve opened a community / steering committee vote on removing it from the Ansible 11 community package.

Please note that you can still manually install the collection with ansible-galaxy collection install even when it has been removed from Ansible.

Felix Fontein shared

There is a proposal to declare the community.routeros stable-1 branch as End Of Life. If you are using 1.x.y versions of community.routeros, please come forward in that issue. Thanks!

gotmax23 said

There is an ongoing vote on whether to extend Ansible 9 lifecycle to November 2024.

Felix Fontein said

There is now a SC/community vote on updating the Ansible inclusion requirements to remove the absolute ban of the undocumented-parameter ignore.txt entry.

mariolenz shared

There is now a vote on the Ansible 10 roadmap.

Felix Fontein said

There is a proposal to declare the community.dns stable-1 branch as End Of Life. If you are using 1.x.y versions of community.dns, please come forward in that issue. Thanks!


lucab_it contributed

“Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform: Modernize your organization with automation and Infrastructure as Code” book by Luca Berton, aka “Ansible Pilot” has been published! Exclusive 20% off for the Ansible Community using the LUCA discount code during the first month via BPB online. Code examples are available on GitHub.

Maintainers :arrow_upper_right:

Maintainers help to run the community!

andersson007_ shared

Congratulations to Aleks Vagachev (GH aleksvagachev) on becoming a maintainer of the community.clickhouse collections! Thanks Alex for your long term contribution to Ansible including maintenance of community.postgresql and now to community.clickhouse!


Have any questions you’d like to ask, or issues you’d like to see covered? Please ask in! See you next time!