Testing on windows host

Hello, I am using awx and I have added some Windows machines to my ansible inventory.

But when doing a simple ping test it shows me this error:

BECOME password[defaults to SSH password]: | UNREACHABLE! => {

“changed”: false,

“msg”: “basic: the specified credentials were rejected by the server”,

“unreachable”: true


I have carried out tests on the DC and they are successful, however on other member nodes of the forest the error mentioned above appears.

Would you have any suggestions?

I am using an active directory user.


Hi, I see you are using Basic auth, is that the intended configuration for you?

If you are using active directory user, Basic auth will probably not work. Check the table in this document:

If you are using a local user and you want to use Basic auth make sure that Basic auth and Unencrypted are allowed on the target node.

PS> winrm get winrm/config/Service
    RootSDDL = ...
    MaxConcurrentOperations = 4294967295
    MaxConcurrentOperationsPerUser = 1500
    EnumerationTimeoutms = 240000
    MaxConnections = 300
    MaxPacketRetrievalTimeSeconds = 120
    AllowUnencrypted = true ✅
        Basic = true ✅
        Kerberos = true
        Negotiate = true
        Certificate = false
        CredSSP = false
        CbtHardeningLevel = Relaxed
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