Terminal connection plugin: access to host or play inventory details?


I’m currently trying to create a terminal connection plugin. The goal is to connect to a console port via a terminal server. So the plugin must be able to deal with the initial terminal connection and have to authenticate against the device.
I have have current sample working overall, but I’m stuck on how I can handle the credentials?

The inventory data for ansible)user and password are used for the ssh session to the terminal server itself, so I need a 2nd pair of credentials which I can ideally define in the inventory. How can I either pass this 2nd set of credentials to the plugin or how can the plugin look this info up?

I was hoping that the “_connection._play_context” would help, but I am unsure how to add information to it?

Any help or hint would be greatly appreciated.


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Checkout this example here from the ibm.isam collection: https://github.com/IBM-Security/isam-ansible-collection/blob/master/plugins/connection/isam.py#L37

That docstring is important because ansible-core will parse that docstring and populate variables based on the docstring as effectively an arg spec for the connection plugin. It’s admittedly a bit obtuse and I don’t think it’s well documented, if at all, but I ended up finding that in the code at some point and recommended that method to the ibm.isam developers who were asking about it in the past.

Hope that helps!

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The documentation for plugin options is located at Developing plugins — Ansible Documentation

While there’s room for improvement, I don’t think it’s particularly poorly documented (compared to, say, how to use the standard module utilities :slight_smile:)