Seeking Expert Advice and Resources for Bachelor's Thesis on Ansible in Hybrid IT Environments

Hello dear community,

I am currently in an exciting phase of my academic journey – working on my bachelor’s thesis. My focus is on the deployment of Ansible in the DevOps field, with a particular interest in integrating Ansible into existing IT infrastructures. My aim is to gain detailed insights into effective Ansible implementation for configuration management and orchestration in heterogeneous hybrid IT environments. Specifically, my thesis addresses the following topic: “What strategies and best practices enable effective implementation of Ansible for automating configuration management and orchestration in heterogeneous hybrid IT environments, to successfully overcome technical challenges during implementation?”

I have already gathered a substantial amount of sources, but I still don’t feel fully equipped. Therefore, I am turning to you – the experts, practitioners, and connoisseurs in the field. Are there any specific studies, books, scholarly articles, or other resources that you would recommend for my research topic? Any recommendation, be it academic literature, practice-oriented case studies, or leading articles, would be immensely valuable to me.

Thank you in advance for your support and feedback!

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