Requesting a forum group

This topic is for requesting a new forum group, which is one of the things you can ask for as a Working Group.

The process is pretty easy:

  • Start a reply on this topic
  • Click :gear: > Insert Template
  • Select the “new forum group” template
  • Fill it out and post the reply
  • Once created the replies will be removed from here to keep the request topic clean

(We’re still finding our feet with forums vs docs vs old wikis, so feel free to reply if anything is unclear or duplicated!)


@tima @cidrblock Would you like a DevTools group? I’ve already seen a couple of topics around EEs, navigator, etc where it would be nice to have a group to ping :wink:

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I believe Devtools developers - Ansible already exists.

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Oh lol, I am an idiot. I think I made that while we were setting everything up and then totally forgot about it. @cidrblock shall I add you? :smiley:

I’d like to request a new forum group please. Here’s the group information:

  • Purpose: Ansible Network Automation Working Group for sharing meeting agendas, information and related discussions
  • Group Name: ansible-network
  • Group Full Name: Ansible Network Automation Working Group
  • Title (optional):
  • Visibility:
    • Who can see this group exists? everyone
    • Who can see the group’s member list? everyone



@nilashishc all done, your group is a thing. I sent you a PM with some more details.

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