Forum groups vs tags - when to use each

(Mod comment: I’ve created a new topic for this, as the discussion is valuable and worth keeping - @gwmngilfen)

I’d like to request a new forum group please. Here’s the group information:

  • Purpose: Discussing techniques and methods for integrating Gitlab CICD with Ansible
  • Group Name: gitlab-cicd
  • Group Full Name: Gitlab CICD
  • Title (optional): Gitlab CICD
  • Visibility:
    • Who can see this group exists? everyone
    • Who can see the group’s member list? everyone

I would like to hear how others are using Ansible with Gitlab. We are doing everything from having projects in awx automatically update, templates for dev branches automatically being created, to actually running Ansible from podman/kubernetes runners.

There is next to nothing on best practices or techniques. We can’t be the only ones out there using Gitlab and Ansible. I think a place where we can share successes and failures, and get together to solve problems and share ideas would grow the state of the art.

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Hey thanks @Incrediblestorm!

You mention discussing best practices etc - all good aims. However, I don’t think you want to be hiding that in group discussions - that’s valuable discussion for everyone. The groups tend to be so we can mark out the experts in a particular collection or tool (eg the AWS group) and so that they can be mentioned if needed.

So looking at what you’re trying to achieve here, I think a tag is probably the way to go? I agree there isn’t a great place for this kind of discussion yet - it’s not exactly help and not exactly project work either. My gut instinct is that we need to push @leo on Dedicated category for Collection development?, get that category made, and then get posting in there with the gitlab tag? Would that work?

Happy to be corrected on any of that, and of course we can make a group - I just don’t want to see useful productive discussion squirrelled away in private messages :slight_smile:


You know, that was what my first thought was. Is Get Help the right place for me to start a topic?

Yes use the Get Help topic and a GitLab tag (FWIW last year I worked out how to run Molecule via GitLab CI).

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Help is probably right for now, but I still think we need a better place for stuff that is neither help nor development :wink:


I think creating a forum group is a great idea. It would help organize discussions better and allow members to easily find and share information on specific topics. But how we can make it?

I’d suggest that if a tag has only ever been used twice this is an indication that a group isn’t currently required? :person_shrugging:

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A group doesn’t help generate new content (you can already do that), nor does it organise (that’s categories and tags), nor does it help find (the tag does that). A group is about recognition - it gives flair to the members (which is useful for identifying developers of a particular tool or collection, or seats on a council, etc), and about contact (because you can ping a group instead of a single person).

I’m not opposed to a group, but as @chris points out, I don’t think we have a critical mass of content, nor a collection to attach it to. Please feel free to make/request GitLab CICD questions/answers/write-ups and tag them gitlab, and we’ll see where we get to.


Moved to a new topic - this is a good discussion and worth keeping in it’s own right


You know, I’m curious how the image mode containers might change the landscape for this.
I had been hoping I would find a way to run Windows containers for doing testing, but I think that is a long way out.

I’m not sure what you mean by “the image mode containers”?

But don’t ask me about Windows, I’ve not used it since Windows 98!

Certainly not what they were designed for, but when run as a container they are shockingly close to the real thing.

I’ve not used RedHat containers, I build my own Debian and Ubuntu containers for using with most (not all, I don’t use them to test the apt role) Gitlab CI / molecule tests.

I feel the need to correct this:

Strangely if you click the GitLab tag it now lists 3 topics (the last has been added since the comment above):

However if you visit the Gitlab “category” (it isn’t actually a category) it lists 8 topics, why are 5 topics tagged with “gitlab” not listed when you click the GitLab tag?!

(Incidently I don’t see the need to automatically close topics, but if that is worth discussing it should probably be done in another thread.)

For me the tag shows the same posts as the category :person_shrugging:

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That is weird, another odd things is that on the latest page I can scroll so that all topics back to February 2024 are listed and then do a Ctrl-F in Firefox and search for the string “gitlab” and only two topics are found and this one we are posting on and this one but this topic from yesterday doesn’t appear to be listed at all!?