[regression?] galaxy ng namespace with "-" vs "_"


I have a gh handle ngine-io but the old galaxy didn’t allow dashes in the namespace: so I got ngine_io.

However, for import into galaxy I used to use ngine-io like so

ansible-galaxy role import --api-key "$ANSIBLE_GALAXY_API_KEY" --role hcloud ngine-io ansible-role-hcloud 

But this failed in galaxy-ng with ERROR! None (HTTP Code: 403, Message: Forbidden)

After changing it to

ansible-galaxy role import --api-key "$ANSIBLE_GALAXY_API_KEY" --role hcloud ngine_io ansible-role-hcloud 

the upload was successful.

A quick namespace lookup with “_” shows 413 namespaces. I guess those will run into the same issue when uploading.

So I would suggest to let them know by adding a proper error message in the log if the namespace does have a _ in it.

just FYI

This is a bit of a complex issue due to the pulp code on top of Django, but we are actively working on and tracking this in Jira AAH-2861.

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