New Galaxy - duplicated namespace?


We have a couple of Ansible roles under GitHub organization Appsilon

On older Galaxy we had namespace called appsilon, and it was possible to import roles with the following command:

ansible-galaxy role import --api-key *** --branch main Appsilon ansible-rstudio-connect

Appsilon is derived from GITHUB_REPOSITORY in CI process, and it was working.

Also, I was able to “download” roles using appsilon.role_name, so I guess it was case insensitive.

When I tried to run our CI to release newer version of a role, I got the error:

ERROR! None (HTTP Code: 403, Message: Forbidden)

I’ve already updated the token, so I decided to test it locally. And the result was the same.

Later on, I spotted that there are 2 namespaces:

  1. appsilon
  2. Appsilon

Additionally, the 1st one has “Provided by appsilon” infromation

I decided to run the command with appsilon instead of Appsilon, and it succeeded:

So, I don’t know why there’s the 2nd namespace, and why I don’t have access to it. Is it possible to remove Appsilon namespace, leave appsilonone, and make the namespace case insensitive?

BTW I had to remove some links because I was getting the following error after hitting “Create Topic”:

An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.

I can also see the duplicate namespaces.

Was it really necessary to retroactively add captitalization?