Problem with inventory variables after sync with git

Hi all!
I have a problem with variables in inventory.

I have a project called ‘test’ (gitlab). Option “Update Revision on Launch” has been filled up.

I have a source called ‘test-source’. Options “Overwrite|Overwrite variables|Update on launch” have been filled up.

When I am doing some changes in group variables everything is going well and smoothly. The problem is with variables for ‘all’.
I am not able to sync it correctly. When I remove proper variables, after sync this one is still visible. When I change some value of a variable, the new value is visible correctly.

Any ideas on how to cope with that?

Hi, there is an open issue for this topic. Several workarounds have been offered, but none seem to be ideal yet.


Oooo, thanks!
I will use the workaround with custom group called ‘global’.
Strongly belive that that case will be solved soon.

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