New release: ansible-builder 3.1.0

ansible-builder 3.1.0

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What's Changed

New Features

  • Support for tags from the configuration file by @Akasurde in #555
  • Support multiple -v for verbosity by @Shrews in #564
  • Allow the .yaml file extension on the default EE file by @Shrews in #631
  • Account for PEP668 in pip invocations by @Shrews in #627
  • Expose a way to exclude dependencies by @Shrews in #664
  • Support extra build command args by @Shrews in #677

Other Improvements

  • Various improvements to documentation.
  • Warn if USER directive is found in additional_build_steps by @Akasurde in #528
  • Warn about version less than 3 by @Akasurde in #574
  • Warn user about using default base image in v3 by @Akasurde in #591
  • Fix container policy for version 3 by @Shrews in #652
  • Guarantee collection base path exists by @Shrews in #683

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 3.0.0...3.1.0