New Ansible Galaxy Web Portal - where is all the old Role admin functionality?

OK this may prove to be the dumbest question on this forum but here goes…

I’m no DevOp and Ansible has never been a major priority for me, but for the past 5 years or so I’ve happily maintained a couple of Ansible roles via the old Ansible Galaxy web portal - semuadmin.webmin and semuadmin.octoprint (the latter of which has apparently had over 24,000 downloads). In the past, if changes have been required they’ve been submitted as PRs in Github, the release number incremented in GitHub and the new release upload to the (old) Ansible Galaxy web portal via the ‘upload content’ facility, which also validates and quality checks the role. The whole end-to-end workflow was, from my perspective, simple and intuitive and I rarely had any need to use CLI commands.

However, when I log into the new Ansible Galaxy web portal using my GitHub credentials, NONE of that functionality appears to be available to me any more? I don’t appear to be able to upload, modify or validate Roles, or review the Roles I own and maintain (other than by doing a global search against my namespace). I can view my personal ‘profile’ but that only appears to contain basic skeleton information.

The new site appears to offer me little more than a global Collection and Role search facility? I’ve searched the Ansible forum and documentation and can see that the question has been asked before, but I can find no clear, step-by-step as to how to author and maintain roles using the new web portal?

Is this a permissions issue? Should I be using different credentials?

Any guidance gratefully received.

We discussed this during triage, and the current working solution is being developed in our AAH-2833 Jira.

Once we’ve decided on a course of action, we will open a Project Discussions discussion thread for feedback.