Need help with API for ansible roles (redirect, update, import...)

Hi there :wave:

I need a bit help to find the right API Call to cleanup my ansible roles I published over time at

A Example…

Lets take my gitea role. You can find it at github at :github:

In :ansible_pool_mark: Galaxy there is a no longer updated version at l3d.gitea and a updated version at roles-ansible.gitea. And there is a Version where I managed to create a redirect notice at do1jlr.gitea. But I am not very happy about it.

Is there a way to publish the role only to one namespace and create a redirect from the other namespaces?
And is it even possible to do that by myself? I tried to see something usefull in the API, but I was not lucky enough.

Desired Solution
I would apreciate if the solution is, that this github action is able to publish a ansible role from the roles-ansible Organisation to the l3d.gitea ansible role. And I can delete the roles-ansible.gitea ansible role. (Or the role has a redirect to l3d.gitea.) Right now the role gets only imported to the roles-ansible namespace. And writing “author: l3d” to the galaxy_info has sadly no effekt.

Are there other people who struggle with multiple namespaces for their ansible roles? And what was your solution?

Thanks for your answer :kissing_heart: