Merge Stats from multiple upstream templates for consumption by single downstream template in Workflow


I have a scenario whereby I wish to run a number of nearly identical templates (some differing vars, differing inventories, different credentials), that all execute the same playbook and set a stat which is then used to pass data through to the next job in a workflow template.

Is there a way, I can get the Stats that are set by all the upstream jobs to merge into one, which is then processed by the downstream job? The stat set in the upstream job is a list of dictionaries, and so basically I want to merge all the lists of dictionaries into one big list that is then processed by the downstream job.

Example picture of what the workflow looks like from the official doco:

Job 1 and Job 2 set an identically named stat. Job 3, processes said stat. Can I get the stats from Job 1 and Job 2 to merge into a single list, to be processed as such by Job 3?