License compliance query

We’d be really grateful if someone from the maintainers team could kindly clarify this for us:

Our software engineering team in the UK is considering using Ansible for IT automations. We’ll collaborate with an external service provider who will manage some servers on our behalf. The service provider’s engineers will work alongside ours, interacting with Ansible installations on both our infrastructure and theirs. Does the GPLv3 license permit this scenario?

I’m not from the maintainers team but yes that would be fine, the GPLv3 basically says that if you give a copy of the software to someone else they will have the same rights as you do (of course I am not a lawyer …).

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It sounds to me that you’re paying for professional services, not software. Would be the same as if you hired an Ansible Consultant as an independent contractor. Perfectly fine from a licensing perspective.

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Hi there, the Ansible forum is a global community space, with a mix of people using different versions of Ansible, and as such, it’s not the right place for requesting legal advice.

We recommend you reach out to your corporate legal team, or if you are a Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscriber, to open a support case and indicate what you are trying to do so they can help you.