Is single molecule.yml with support for docker, podman and gce plugins possible?

I want to create a Molecule scenario that can be executed using either on Docker, Podman or GCE. Is it possible to have a single molecule.yml support this?

To use the Docker or Podman plugins, name: docker|podman goes under driver:, however more options seem to be required for the GCE plugin. Would it work to set the GCE plugin specific options under driver: and set the value of to docker, podmanorgce`? Would the Docker or Podman drivers ignore the GCE-specific options?

I see that platform is a list and I think I can have driver specific platform, each with a specific name and have the platform selected by name on execution. Will this work?

I suppose an option is to use the Delegated plugin and add all the Docker, Podman & GCE specific code to the create and destroy playbooks. However I’d like to know if it’s feasible to do this in molecule.yml.

What’s the wisdom from the community?