Is it possible to use AAP Controller version 4.5.6 with Multiple Credential for the template deployment

Hi Team,

I am using AAP controller v4.5.6 for manage the ILMT deployment task with Azure VM’s. Also we have windows and Linux platform for manage the deployment process from AAP.
We have a template to get the ILMT result files from endpoints called “collect result.yml”, using this playbook we are using to deploy to windows and linux servers.
Even we have different domains VM to manage the task, like below
Domain 1: VM have xxxxx credential work in windows and linux servers
Domain 2: VM have yyyy credential work in same windows and linux servers.

So My main requirement is using now like below
Template 1: we are trying to deploy “collect result” playbook for windows servers (these VM from domain1) and credential only work VM in domain1.

For deployment we have to define the Limit below
"lmt_server,target_server,localhost (target_server= mean It is domain1 servers)
lmt_server = mean It is domain2 server.

so we have to use 2 different credential for any deployment. because lmt_server and target servers are working two different credential.

My request is that how we can use two different credential for a template deployment window.
By default It is having only one credential option to select for the deployment process.

Any help appreciates.


The only way I’ve gotten arthis, is to create a cred with a custom credential type and set ansible_user and ansible_password to the new cred.

Another way to split your tasks into two playbooks/templates and combine them in a workflow.

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This is how I would handle this. You can have the Job Template prompt for the credential and inventory to use, then add the JT twice to a Workflow and set the appropriate inventory and credential in each. If you enable concurrent jobs in the JT, you can run the workflow against both domains in parallel.