Introduce yourself!

I have so many Heron photos I wonder if it’s too many. It’s a favorite subject for me. There is just something about them.


Hi, I’m James.

I’m an “Orchestration & Automation Engineer” for a Datacenter business with presence throughout the UK.
I’ve been using Ansible for 4 or so years almost daily, but still constantly learning something new, particularly since I started module/plugin development.
I’ve written a few internal modules for work, but most recently I’ve been contributing modules and plugins into the “morpheus.core” collection.

Hopefully, by signing up here, I’ll learn even more!

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    msg: "Hello Ansible Community!"

Hello everyone :sunny:

I’m Pavel, a loving father and husband from Slovakia. I’m interested in history, space, physics and fantasy and detective novels. I’m very open people person, 3d print hobbyist and also cat servant. :joy_cat: who is always struggling with weight. :man_shrugging:t2: :bacon: :heart:

I’m Tech Lead & Platform Automation Expert, currently with major central European financial institution. As seasoned enterprise developer with strong engineering background somehow I’m able to translate fluently between many business and technical levels. I’m a passionate about DevOps, security, architecture and all kinds of automation. Occasionally I speak at events and provide hard skills trainings or workshops.

I love enabling people to help themselves by automating the hell out of various SDLC platform services. Working alongside and talking to multiple product developer and engineering teams, satisfying business needs through harmonisation, architecture, kind beneficial collaboration and assurance of management air support is what I do. Not being killed by thousand Jira tickets is my daily tea. :tea:

We are using Ansible also in some unique, hopefully clever ways in orchestration with plenty of other tools and services. Honestly, you name it, we most probably got it, sometimes twice. I’m looking for a likeminded community of Ansible users, developers, enthusiasts and everyone willing to share their knowledge, stories and opinions.

I’m relentless learner, reading technical books, listening talks and recently conference networking addict. In fact I’m writing this from Brno, Czech Republic after packed 3 days DevConfCZ conference where I met a lot of great people. Some have encouraged me to step up and get out to share and contribute to community. So here I am, hoping to be an asset rather than liability :slight_smile: