Introduce yourself!

Use this thread to introduce yourself to the rest of the community, and find out about the rest of us!


Hi all, I’m Greg!

I’ve been a Linux and FOSS user for 20 years, a contributor for almost 15 years, and I’ve been working with FOSS communities at Red Hat for the last 10 years. I’ve been in Ansible for almost 4 years, and I’m part of the Ansible Community Team, where I focus on community architecture - so, this is all my fault :slight_smile:. I’m also interested in community data, and produce a lot of reports for the community (and our team).

I’m also a 3d printing enthusiast, gamer (tabletop & digital), cook, baker, and walker. Look out for an Oxygen Not Included stream next time I’m helping with a virtual event :sunglasses:


Hei! Howdy! Nihao!

I’m Carol, a.k.a. cybette, and I enjoy and appreciate open source, open communication, opening my eyes to different experiences and new possibilities. I’ve contributed to and supported many FOSS projects over the past 2 decades, and currently a community architect in the Ansible Community Team overseeing outreach, newsletter, events, meetups, social channels etc. etc.

Happy to connect with the community here, on Matrix or Mastodon - to chat Ansible, gadgets, music (orchestra/percussion/metal), travel (lived on 3 continents and visited 40+ countries), and more!


Hello hello!

I’m Sandra aka samccann and I work on the Ansible documentation. I’ve been on the Ansible open source project for the past five years and it’s a barrel of fun!

I have three small dogs and an overgrown garden that keeps me busy in the ‘off times’ and am obsessed about a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland…and all things archeology-related. (Yes, my favorite time on Mastodon is TombTuesday!).


Hello everyone,

I am Anwesha, working on the Release Management of Ansible. I patch my help in various parts of the Ansible community, meetups, events, and organizations, fostering outreach. I am a fellow at Python Software Foundation and a PyLadies Organizer. I maintain my blog at

On a personal note, I am an Indian Classical Dancer and a knitter. I love to chat about the Ansible Release process, the issues we face during the release, and the future we look at.



I’m Don, a member of the Ansible community engineering team. I’m helping the Ansible community establish a new web presence built on a modern, engaging experience that focuses on user needs. Like the rest of the community team at Red Hat, my focus is on empowering the community and enabling collaboration.

On the personal side I enjoy gardening, music, and hanging out with my family. The four of us live in Galway in the west of Ireland. We often go camping and love to get in the water, even though it’s often freezing cold. :ice_cube: :ocean:


Aló! Hi all!

I’m Leo, also part of the Ansible Community Team. I have been involved in FLOSS for over 15 years now, contributing and having fun in different communities during that time. I’m a long time Ansible enthusiast and a community architect, mainly involved in technical content and advocacy.

I’m from Argentina, I like football (:soccer: the one Messi plays), mate :maté: and asado :cow:. I used to have my own darkroom and do analogue photography! You can ping me on Mastodon and Matrix, let’s chat!


Hello all!

My name is Adam Miller, but you can find me around various Linux and FOSS related communities as maxamillion. I am a loving husband and father, an open source fanatic, a member of the Ansible Development Team, a Fedora contributor, Red Hatter, and over all lover of technology.

I work at Red Hat on Ansible. Both Red Hat and Ansible mean something to me, I take a lot of pride in working for a company that believes in and understands Open Source Software at it’s core as well as being a part of an open source project that excites a vibrant community as much as it excites me. I’m extremely passionate about open source software and it is genuinely a large part of why I wake up in the morning. I live for this stuff, it’s a part of me, and it’s why I have Red Hat Shadowman and Ansible tattoos on my person. I’ve had the good fortune to be a member of the Linux and FOSS community since the year 2000, and I still love it to this day!

Feel free to ping me on Mastodon or Matrix, I love talking to other members of the community!


Hey @maxamillion ! Welcome.

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:wave: Hello!

:saluting_face: I’m Rick, and I go by a few usernames online, though nowadays I have mostly settled on some variation of relrod. I’m super excited for this forum and can’t wait to better interact with other members of this awesome community.

:ansible_pool_mark: I work on the AWX team at Red Hat. Before that, I spent some time working on ansible-navigator, and before that, ansible-core. Prior to being involved in Ansible development, I was on the Community Platform Engineering team, where I worked on the Fedora project. I’ve been employed at Red Hat since 2012.

:technologist: I live and breathe open source. Being a part of open source communities is what really drives me and makes me excited to do what I do. Although I don’t have any tattoos and can’t compete with @maxamillion there, I can definitely say that open source is part of my DNA and I would not be who I am without having gotten involved in it.

:keyboard: You can find me on mastodon (fosstodon), GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I’m also an amateur radio operator, so if that’s your thing, we should set up a QSO. :slight_smile:

:de: I’m learning German and also looking for people to practice with, so if you speak German and don’t mind talking with a noob, I’d love to try talking with you in German too. I am probably somewhere around A2 level right now but working to improve that. I am learning on LingQ using the method of Comprehensible Input. Bitte sprich mit mir auf Deutsch über Ansible oder irgendwas anderes!

:fireworks: If I can do anything to make your community, Ansible, or AWX experience better, please do let me know!



I’m Lila. I’m a member of the Ansible Controller API Team. I am passionate about open-source and creating better technology the open-source way!

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, surfing, yoga, and playing with my cats!

I’m very excited to be here and to have the opportunity to interact with the community in a new way! :smiley_cat:


I’m Markus. I’m a member of the Ansible Steering Commitee.
I work at lekker energie GmbH in Berlin (Germany) and I’m 100% open source driven.
My path of ansible contribution began with great dissatisfaction with multiple aws modules and missing features :sunglasses:
Today we use ansible at work for everything. Linux/Windows/Opnsense/AWS/Browser-Legacy-Stuff automation.

Outside of work I enjob hiking and sailing. But I’m always lack of time - with a 4-y old boy and a 4-m old dog.



I am Bruno Rocha, you can find me as @rochacbruno on almost every social network out there, I am from Brazil, living in the North of Portugal, I am married and I have a 5 yo son.

I like cycling :biking_man: on classical road bikes and started exploring gravel to adapt to the roads where I am living.

Furthermore, I’ve been working as a programmer for the past 22 years and been involved with :penguin: Linux, :snake: Python and free software community for a long time, I am a fellow member on the Python Software Foundation and also Python Brazil Association, right now the open-source project that I maintain is a library called Dynaconf, to manage settings on Python applications, and I am also involved with the :crab: Rust community.

I run a :video_camera: youtube channel with friends, where I teach mainly Python and Rust.

I started working at Red Hat 7.5 years ago on Satellite and then migrated to Ansible, and currently I am working as a Principal Software Engineer developing the backend for Ansible Galaxy / Automation Hub.

I love forums and miss the era of forum and mailing lists and I a excited to see that back.


Hey all, my name is Jake Jackson, I work on the Partner Engineering team and AWX team at Redhat as a software engineer. Previous to this, I worked as a Technical Marketer in the Ansible Buisness Unit and previous to that, I worked with the early releases of Ansible both on my University campus (UNCG) and led its adoption across a hospital infrastructure team that I worked on right out of college.

I can be found everywhere as the thedoubl3j (github, mastodon etc). On a personal note and outside of work, I enjoy playing and watching ice hockey, cycling for long (ish) distances and making pork barbecue.

Happy to see all the posts and excited to see all of the communications/posts that are coming to this forum!


Hey all, Oi todo mundo, Hola a todos!

My name is Alexei (Alex) Znamensky. Despite the Russian name, I’m actually Brazilian, living in Auckland New Zealand for 6+ years now. I have also lived for 2yrs in Argentina 2014-2016. My handle in social networks is usually russoz. :ukraine:

My Ansible journey started a couple of years ago when I got tired of rearranging the XFCE gadgets in my desktop after I reinstalled the computer, so I decided I was going to write an Ansible playbook for it. I found the xfconf module, and in time, I became its maintainer, then a maintainer of the community.general collection and later a member of the Ansible Steering Committee. My focus has been primarily on the c.g. collection, but I will eventually meddle into other areas.

Outside work I have been spending most of the time doing family activities.


Hi! My name is Marlon! I live in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago. I am a system administrator for the last 10+ years. I am also a Rotarian for the last 7+ Years. My ansible journey started in the pandemic as a matter of self interest. I do use paid automation tools in the form of a paid Remote Monitoring and Management Tool - however, I always like to do things a little raw and technical - I am always open to the open source way of doing things - especially as it enables me as the artist to paint whatever I can on my canvas to suit my needs! So I took a Udemy course, and I also started to read books on Ansible to get me up to speed. So far, it’s been okay. I joined the community to learn about the tool and to deepen my knowledge. Of course I will contribute where I can


Hi , I’m Leigh. I am an older reskilled software dev, having 20+ years in web design and mainly UX/UI or graphics work I reskilled into javascript & typescript for a job I was offered and currently work on NodeJS microservice projects.

As part of my reskill, I learned a little about terraform, ansible and docker so i am trying to implement all of them where possible, but being relatively new to it all am slowly just getting used to what everything does and how.


my name is Sean and I like Ansible and memes. I especially like messing with Leo



I’m Sam, a Red Hatter in Scotland :scotland: :wave:t5: @gwmngilfen
Passionate about open source software and collaboration and I enjoy automating with Ansible.

When away from keyboard, I can be found somewhere in the Scottish mountains, socialising and talking NFL.