Incorrect Package Names in AWX for python

Issue: I encountered an error while running the AWX image podman pull Quay. The error message indicates that the packages python38-cryptography, python38-pytz, python38-pyyaml, and python38-requests cannot be found. However, the image is based on CentOS 9, where the expected package names should be in the format python3-<package_name>.

Context: The system is using CentOS 9 as the base OS. According to CentOS 9 conventions, Python 3 packages should be prefixed with python3-, not python38-.

Resolution: I suggest modifying the dependencies or package names in the AWX report to use the correct naming convention (python3-<package_name>). This adjustment should resolve the issue with package dependency resolution. you can see my public repo from here where i updated the package podman pull Quay

Action Requested: Please update the AWX report to reflect the correct package naming convention for CentOS 9. This will ensure compatibility and resolve the dependency resolution error encountered.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.