Include community.library_inventory_filtering_v1 in the ansible package (no vote's needed, will get included by default on 2024-01-12 if no objections)

Since the WF still mentions creating a community topic for inclusions, I’ve created issue 283.

If nobody objects, community.library_inventory_filtering_v1 will be included 2024-01-12.

The objective of the collection and links to the repo / galaxy can be found in the inclusion request.


@mariolenz may I suggest adding a link to the collection repo/galaxy and even the objective of the collection?

Although it’s not hard to find it by searching or following the links in the github issue, it would make it easier for people to join a discussion if they already get a summary.

ps. no objections, just a suggestion for future proposals

I meant PR 252.

Good point. But I don’t want to C&P things from the inclusion request, so I’ve added a link to it now. The information is still one click away, but now it’s only one click.

I’ll try to remember next time!

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