[Vote ended on 2024-07-03] Collection inclusion: optimize inclusion requirements

Hi @SteeringCommittee and Community!

I think it’s worth revising our inclusion requirements every couple of years and there has been no global revision since they were introduced.
Let’s do it.
I opened a pull request (the link).
The PR contains some changes but it’s still WIP.
Please take a look maybe we can change much more or make better what i suggest changing.

The goals are:

  • Make the doc as simple and easy-to-read as possible keeping only things that really matter by
    • kicking out irrelevant statements
    • reformulating the rest to make it more compact

Would really appreciate any input:)


Last chance to review [WIP, needs vote before merging] collection_requirements.rst: update by Andersson007 · Pull Request #1422 · ansible/ansible-documentation · GitHub.

It doesn’t contain a lot of changes to the requirements themselves but rather reformulations, restructuring, and clarifications to make it more readable.
I would suggest voting on it anyway.
I’m going to open a poll this week. FYI

@SteeringCommittee and the community please vote. It’ll end on 2024-07-03.

The quorum is reached with “merge the PR” as a clear winner, so merging.
Thanks everyone!

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