I want to run playbook in a private ec2 instance through a jumpbox server and i am running my playbook through AWX and AWX is installed in a another ec2 instance

I have launched three ec2. in one ec2 i have installed AWX and in another one i have make a jumpbox server as i have opened both private and public ips and in another ec2 i have make server private.

Now i have written a config file in jumpbox server and added both ips of private and AWX server in that config file. in a defined group
and now i can ssh into both awx and private server from jumpbox server.

Now i want to run playbook from awx server ui that should made changes into private server ip. and jumpbox will act as a role to bypass those playbook as i want to target jumpbox server from my awx server .

The keyword you want to search on is proxy. In the tips and tricks section there is a small snippet here: 31. Controller Tips and Tricks — Automation Controller Administration Guide v4.4

The one I am most familiar with here is within your inventory to setup the Ansible variable ansible_ssh_common_args

from the documentation example:

ansible_user: <user_name>
ansible_connection: ssh
ansible_ssh_common_args: '-o ProxyCommand="ssh -W %h:%p -q <user_name>@<jump_server_name>"'
  • The -o is for -option which allows us to specify ProxyCommand, a reserved value
  • The -W allows to set a host:port, specifically the man page says “Requests that standard input and output on the client be forwarded to host on port over the secure channel”
  • The -q is for quiet mode

There is a more detailed guide here: Frequently Asked Questions — Ansible Documentation

How are you storing your inventory in AWX, are you using Git?

I am using ansible vault to store my credentials. but again i am not getting clear picture as i am not getting ways to run ansible playbooks.

Please tell me how i can run playbook in my AWX server and it should run on private ec2 instance through jumpbox as i have also setup three instances.
Can you help me with the steps that i should follow
as i have configured jumbox with private instance and AWX instance through writing a config file.