AWX integration with private instance through jumphost

hi all,

I am using awx and i am having problem in login into another instance through awx as i have launched awx through a separate key pair and another instance with another key pair. So, can i do ssh in that instance using any possible ways as when i am making a public key and doing ssh into another instance. It is showing error. Can anyone help me with it.

And also i am using jumphost to login into a private ec2 server from a public ec2 instance as i have awx into it. So how can i do that through a jumphost and also through awx ui.
Any leads will be useful.

This appears to be the same as your previous topic (I want to run playbook in a private ec2 instance through a jumpbox server and i am running my playbook through AWX and AWX is installed in a another ec2 instance) - is that the case?

Yes,Still not able to do the login into that instance. Help me with any solution

Starting a new topic isn’t going to get you an answer any faster, it’s only going to split the discussion into multiple confused parts. The correct approach is to reply to your current topic and add more context - we have an active set of people who will help, but they need clarity on what to answer, and your current statement is quite vague.

I’m going to close this as a duplicate, good luck with the original request!