Hybrid mode not available for instance group in K8 operator installation?

Running 23.7.0 using 2.11.0 operator.
The document suggests that only difference between the control and hybrid instance is the node_type. Updating the backend to do this is not ideal, what’s the proper way to perform this from the operator?

Hybrid node_types are only available to AAP, not AWX.

awx/docs/clustering.md - Line 64

I read that as well but it doesn’t say why and there is a line that says the only difference between control and hybrid is just the node_type. It would be nice to get some clarification as to why this is not available in AWX.

Unfortunately, I can’t really say why it’s this way from a design standpoint. I presume it’s because the downstream BU/RH team requested support for hybrid nodes, and the AWX team implemented the necessary framework upstream. Then the AAP team patches the code with whatever changes are necessary to enable it.

how many resources allocated to the awx-task is reasonable where you are not running any tasks within the instance anymore?