AWX Tower K8s default instance group controlplane

I installed new AWX tower 23.9 in my Kubernetes cluster.
I installed it by awx-operator version 2.12.2
I have 2 web pods and 4 task pods

I have to migrate my old AWX platform to this new.
but I have an Issue with instance_group configuration.

By default all task pods are confugured as instance of default “controlplane” instance_group.

But I need to add or move other task pods in the same cluster in other instance_groups
I have 4 task pods
2 pods in controlplane
1 pod in new “region1” instance_group
1 pod in new “region2” instance_group

But by default all goes in controlplane and it is impossible disassociate them from it, to move in other instance_group.

Can someone help me to understand how I can do that? (I’m using this configuration in current platform based on Docker)
or If there is another way to accomplish that, can you guide me to it?

Anyone can help me?
any help is very very appreciated

Hi, and welcome alessandro.melani!

Have you tried using the UI to disassociate?

Here are some other references that might be helpful: 7. Container and Instance Groups — Ansible AWX community documentation

As you can see in your own screenshot, control nodes cannot be disassociated from the controlplane.

There is a way to create hop and execution nodes and associate them to instance groups other than the controlplane, but I have only done this by installing execution nodes on external VM’s. I can’t say that I’ve seen any documentation on how to add execution nodes as kubernetes pods. Scaling the task replicas in the operator simply creates more control nodes, which are locked into the control plane.

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