How to install network related module in AWX version 23.0

If your project is stored on SCM (Git or SubVersion), create collections/requirements.yml on project root and add following content, then sync project on AWX. This will download and install specified collections during project sync:

  - name:

If your project type is Manual, adding collections/requirements.yml does not help. In this case, you should create your own custom container image by Ansible Builder. I have a guide for this topic:


In the recent version of AWX, your playbook will launched in isolated container called Execution Environment. This is completely different architecture from AWX 9.x, so you should know what EE is: What's new in Ansible Automation Platform 2: automation execution environments

So EE is exactly where collections have to be placed. Adding collections/requirements.yml on your project makes collections to be transferred to EE with your playbook, and building custom EE is the way to make collections available on EE without transfferring it.