AWX collections/requirements.yml

Hello all, in one of my AWX projects I have the normal collections directory and the requirements.yml underneath. In the requirements.yml I’m listing a single ansible-galaxy requirement needed. I now need not only fortinet.fortios, but community.general as well.

My original requirements.yml looked like this:

I tried adding a line for community general underneath and AWX didnt like that when I refreshed the project:


Is there anyway for me to have AWX pull both requirements? Thank you in advance!

I know I can create a new Execution Environment that has community.general included, but it would be nice to have ansible just pull down both collections fortinet.fortios & community.general.

Any help would be appreciated.

I got it working by changing my requirements.yml to look like:



version: 8.30

The specified version number may have been invalid.

There is no community.general version 8.30. The correct version is 8.3.0.

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