How do I pronounce `antsibull`?

Sorry for the small stuff.

How do I pronounce antsibull ? (ex. antsibull-docs, antsibull-changelog)

Is “t” pronounced?

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I would assume ant Sybil as in the insect and first name but I could be totally wrong! :rofl: :man_shrugging:


I pronounce it “Antsy Bull,” as in: “That bull looks nervous, he’s an antsy bull.”

When antsibull was created, we wanted a command that would be easy to distinguish from the ansible-* commands, and easy to auto-complete. Adding the ‘t’ worked (type ant-TAB for antsibull-* and ans-TAB for ansible-*), while still keeping the connection to Ansible obvious.


To add to @acozine’s tab completion example: one of the other candidates back then was ansibull without the t.

And if you want to know more about the bull: Jan-Piet Mens :: A cow and bull story about Ansible


Thank you for everyone!

I understood it, including the background.

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