Getting an error "Could not resolve host:" while trying to sync with Gitlab

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I’m getting above error while trying to create a project to sync with our gitlab repo(which require user id/password and proxy to connect). I’ve setup proxy in /awx/installer/inventory file, along with environment proxy in server. But unable to set proxy in “Extra Environment Variables” under Awx GUI “Settings” > “Jobs Setting” as getting an error “Edit form coming soon :)”. It would be really great full if someone can help me to sync my AWX with Git Repo.


Do you happen to have the new UI turned on? Here is how you would turn it on/off in Automation controller:

My thought is… maybe if you disable the new UX, it will let you edit the setting?


Thanks for your prompt response. But unfortunately, I’m unable to find that option to enable/disable new UI option, I’m using AWX 17.1.0 may be the reason. For more information about my issue, please find the below logs.

fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host:


Hi @swattik, welcome to the Ansible community forum!

AWX 17.1.0 was released over 2 years ago and it’s already out of support. Since then it has received quite a few updates, including a migration to an Operator based install and support for Execution Environments since AWX version 18.

I think the Jobs Settings form you are looking for was introduced in that same AWX version 18.0.

We are currently in AWX version 23.1.0, so I suggest you start looking into upgrading (you will need to migrate, there is no in-place upgrade path from version 17), the latest release will include a lot of new features and security updates.

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Thanks Leo for your valuable suggestions. As I’m new to AWX would you mind to share the procedure or any reference link to upgrade the version to the latest one from existing 17.1.0. TIA.

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@sean_sullivan did answer something related a few days ago, check this out;

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for yr valuable suggestion. Issue got fixed after upgrading AWX version to 23.2.0.

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