Galaxy markdown render preview - enhancement request

Continuing the discussion from Markdown features supported on

I’d like to put this forward as a request for enhancement: to provide an API on galaxy to return the HTML that galaxy would render for a submitted blob of markdown. The discussion cited above, part of which is quoted below, shows how to use the equivalent API on both github and gitlab. Such a feature on galaxy would facilitate and other *.md creation and editing by providing a mechanism for maintainers to see how their documentation renders before committing to publication.


This sounds like a cool idea @utoddl, thanks for proposing!

We’ve got it added to our roadmap* for scoping and inclusion in a future milestone. The team is a bit at capacity with our current shorter term roadmap of enhancements and fixes to galaxy right now. In short, we probably won’t be able to dedicate a dev to this feature until sometime next year at the earliest.

That being said, if you or anyone else is interested in working on this enhancement in the shorter term, we’d be happy to work through a potential PR for inclusion.

*the roadmap mentioned/milestones are currently getting finalized we are hoping to publish info about these next week.