Galaxy API URL for listing supported platforms

When writing Ansible roles, most users adjust the meta/main.yml file to include platforms the role is designed for - e.g. Fedora 40. In a comment molecule usually links to the URL which now points to 404 as galaxy-ng is online.

Is there another list of all the supported platforms? I couldn’t find them in the ansible-galaxy or molecule documentation - what am I missing?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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So keep in mind I don’t really know how any of this works. This seems to be a changing landscape and documentation hasn’t caught up with it yet.

I can find a list of platforms here, but that is for the current release of ansible-core. In the upcoming 2.17 release, that information disappears. I don’t know why or where. There is a semi-related forum topic Does galaxy-importer need its own documentation? but so far it doesn’t give a lot of details on what’s going on (or how best to let people like yourself know what’s going on).


My understanding is that Galaxy_NG doesn’t support platforms anymore (possibly as a result of the pulp2 to pulp3 migration?).


No, they are still updated in the backend, they were just a feature that was discontinued in favor of tags