Forum Feeds into news readers (like Feedly)

Hi there! I use a news reader (Feedly), and was wondering if more specific feeds could be made available to be “seen” by them?

Currently I can only add the main URL to Feedly, which then fills my feed with every entry in the Forum…I want to be able to narrow that down. So for example, I personally would love to be able to have just the “Get Help” section, or a specific tag (“aws”, “help”, “linux”) fed in, instead of everything.

Can this be done? I have no clue how that is set up (is it still making RSS feeds or something else?), but I assume it is something that can be set up on the site, as I have seen other websites have multiple “feed URLs” to choose from.



Here’s a list of RSS feeds you can get from Discourse (including feeds for categories and tags)


Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you!!!