Feedback on new

I wonder how many dozens/hundres/thousands of links will break because of the need to adjust URLs…

Very brief feedback after my last visit:

  • (as noted) all existing URLs are broken and produce 404
  • search is possible by keyword, but it’s not clear to me what that actually means; where are the keywords?
  • searching for roles (something I’ve done in trainings to demonstrate galaxy) no longer returns number of hits (e.g. how many roles match or how many keywords match). For instance how do I search for a role name I know (username.rolename)
  • pagination is strange; sometimes when forwarding a page, the view remains at the bottom of page, and I must scroll up (Safari)
  • the install page of a role no longer shows OS/versions (and this is a show-stopper IMO)
  • to be honest this doesn’t look like “NG” to me.

To be fair, it’s not a “regular” 404, but the 404 page includes links to all collections and roles of that name. But it’s definitely confusing…

(I think this a consequence of that you can now have a collection and role of the same name. I would still have preferred redirects for all existing collections at the date of the move, to avoid this confusing situation…)

The http status code 200 instead of the 404 adds insult to injury as automated accesses will fail miserably, and I agree: 301/302 redirects from old to new URLs should have been implemented (and I don’t often say ‘should’). I’ve lost count of the number of times Ansible projects have renamed doc URLs etc to fail. This is very sad.