Edit timeouts for wiki posts

Somehow, I can’t tick off inspur.sm at the moment. But I should say we’ve dealt with this: Remove inspur.sm from Ansible 11

Interesting. I ticked it, but I’ll look into why you can’t - I suspect editing has timeouts … :thinking:

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I can’t find a definitive answer for a wiki post, but in general a TL2+ user can edit their posts for 30days. That seems to tally with the last change being on Dec 11th. I’d be interested to know if you can edit the post at all @mariolenz?

Nope, I can’t. Makes sense, somehow, since ticking off things looks like an edit to me.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. I wonder if I can reset the edit-date somehow…

I think 30 days is too short, was there a specific reason to pick this number?

it’s the Discourse default for TL2+

I guess this makes sense for most use cases, you don’t want people to change old postings.

This is a special case where I have a list that I’m working on for several months. And, yes, sometimes there’s nothing to update for 30 days. (It’s blocked 30 days after the last edit and not 30 days after initially posting, right?)

Well, I guess I could change how I work on those collections (unwillingly, this worked pretty well in the past and still makes sense to me) or find a work-around. Maybe a fake edit every 29 days if there wasn’t a real one?

@gwmngilfen Do you have a way to reset the counter to block me from editing, or restart the “allow editing grace period” (or whatever you want to call it) for me somehow? Alternatively, I’ll just ping someone to tick off something when necessary. At the moment there are only two collections left to deal with, anyway :person_shrugging:

Another possible solution: Can we increase the edit grace period? I guess it’s possible, but what I mean is: Keep it at 30 days for TL2 and increase it to 60 days for TL3+ (I think I’m TL3 although I’m not 100% sure)?

Although we’re getting a little bit off-topic… if this is really a problem, I guess we should move this to a dedicated discussion. I’ll find work-arounds for now and can live with it.

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I’ve moved it to a dedicated discussion, thanks for reminding me.

We can increase it, but I think it cannot be done separately for TL3 (yes, you are - look for the “Regular” badge).

I just noticed that it isn’t a wiki post (I thought it was). I’ve converted it to a wiki as a test. This has two consequences:

  1. I think you should be able to edit it now
  2. Anyone else can edit it too…

I think (2) is mitigated by the revision history though - we’ll know who changed things they shouldn’t and be able to give them a warning and revert the change. Give (1) a try now?


I’ve tested and could edit again. I think I can live with (2) because of the reasons you’re giving. I’ll try to start with a wiki post next time (“Possibly unmaintained collections in Ansible 10”) and see how it works.

However, due to the nature of what I’m doing there it might be a good idea to close or seal this wiki post once Ansible 10 is released. It doesn’t make much sense to still work on this afterwards…

I think I can’t do it. At the end of the day, I might have to ping staff to lock edits. But I can live with this, too, if you / they can.

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I think the staff can live with that, but just to be sure - what you’re looking for is the “Remove Wiki” option, under the wrench icon on the first post (second icon from right):


If you don’t have that option then yes, staff will need to help - but that’s fine, it’s pretty infrequent.