Do we want forum notifications in our docs matrix channel?

We have the option of enabling this such that any post here with the documentation tag sends a notification to the docs matrix channel with a link back to the post. I’ve seen it in other channels and it’s quite convenient, so long as it doesn’t get to be too much. There are ways we can modify it I think if it ends up too much (or remove it all together). So… @Docs people - What do you think? Please vote:

  • enable matrix notification for documentation posts
  • Don’t… who needs the noise?
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Just a note for those who do find this kind of thing noisy… you don’t have to leave the room to get your quiet back!

You can instead block the bot on Matrix - in Element this is done by clicking on the bot’s avatar, and then clicking on the Ignore button:


All the Discourse posts come from so you could also use /ignore in the chatbox. After this you won’t see messages from that bot again (in any room) and I have definitely ignored some of the noisier bots in some rooms myself :slight_smile:

The goal of these bots is to help drive awareness of the forum in parts of the community that may be less active (yet) - so if you’re already here and reading your notifications then by all means mute it, it’s done it’s job!

(Yes, I know this puts the onus on the end user, but it at least allows some control over your experience of our rooms)

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Closing out this vote. Result is to not turn on notifications at this point. Thanks folks for chiming in!