Add Matrix Github bot for ansible-build-data

I’d like to consider adding a Github Matrix bot to notify on new PRs (and nothing else) in the ansible-build-data repo to the room similar to the one that the website room has. I’m generally against these type of bots, but I think it makes sense for the release management room which we only use to track/coordinate the release process. The release manager always pastes a link to ansible-build-data release PRs, anyways. I think limiting the bot to only ping when a new PR is opened and nothing else would be useful without creating too much noise.

@release-managers, what do you think? @gwmngilfen, would this be feasible?


:+1: from my side. (And yes, in general I would avoid such bots as well.)

Are we talking about the bot I’m using in the Website WG room? I can arrange that, and I think it one of the options is “PR → Created” so that would be the “new-only” you’re looking for.

Let me know if you’re going ahead, and I can hook you up.

That sounds good to me. Thanks! Let’s wait a bit for more feedback and then set it up if nobody else has objections.

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sounds good, let’s gooooo :+1:

@gwmngilfen, I think we can go ahead and do it.

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