Deprecation of vyos.vyos — is there ongoing development?

I read in the November Bullhorn that vyos.vyos is being deprecated and will have no new major releases. I’ve been working recently on some updates and was wondering if this vyos support is moving somewhere else or if this is being deprecated due to lack of a maintainer.

Any further information would be of interest.



You mean The Bullhorn #123?

@network-wg Do you have more information on this? I think it’s your collection.

BTW The repository isn’t archived and the README doesn’t say anything about deprecation. I even see some commits in the last months. So is the collection really deprecated or not?


Hi @mariolenz : yes, that was the announcement I was referring to.


I too would like to know how it was deprecated.

The deprecation was noted in the, but I don’t even know why.

The vyos.vyos collection has been deprecated and will reach it’s end-of-life on December, 2025. W

Ansible Engineering and the VyOS team have just met.
The VyOS Team will be become the maintainers of the vyos.vyos collection.
We’ve got a few things to tidy up (including removing the deprecation notice) then we will release a new version of the collection.

The collection WILL be staying in the ansible community package.


Lets move any follow on discussion into this thread