Deprecated collection ngine_io.exoscale

It looks like ngine_io.exoscale has been deprecated recently. As far as I understand, the API the collection uses won’t be available after May 1st, 2024.

@resmo is working on implementing a collection based on the new API. But since this would be a new collection and the old API won’t be available after May 1st, 2024, ngine_io.exoscale would be useless after then.

So I suggest we consider removing it from Ansible 10. That is if my understanding is correct and the collection won’t be usable in Ansible 10 anymore. Although we might want to wait for the new collection being available so we can mention it in the deprecation announcement.

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Hi @mariolenz, given the upcoming change in the API, the deprecation will occur regardless of the new collection. I would arguewe should keep the two actions uncoupled.

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Considering that feature freeze will likely be at the end of May 2024 (it’s usually when ansible-core gets released, and that’s planned for 2024-05-20: Ansible-core 2.17 — Ansible Documentation), removing it from Ansible 10 makes sense since the collection will be no longer usable by then.

The new collection can be included before or after, whenever it is ready. It needs to pass the inclusion process, but I think this should not be too much of a problem since @resmo knows how to create collections :slight_smile: