Define our community Mission statement

We, as a project and community, still don’t have our Mission statement defined (at least in a single place in the form of mission statement).
However, a mission statement is an attribute of any mature project, which Ansible obviously is, so we should define it to declare and convey our general goals, values, and principles.

Important points are:

  • The Mission statement will NOT be something mandatory, supposed or recommended to use across our sub-projects / sub-communities / teams: it’ll be absolutely OK if they define their own unique missions or don’t define any explicit ones if they like.
  • It will probably be present on a future community site (not on
  • It’ll probably be here on the forum, maybe on the welcome page.
  • It’s not supposed to be in any other places. It can be corrected in future if needed.

Based on results of @gwmngilfen 's survey we conducted and discussed some time ago in another topic, I suggest using the following. Any feedback is much appreciated. Special thanks to @hunleyd for helping with the wording.

Our Mission

In the Ansible community, our mission is to produce, maintain, and popularize simple, flexible, and powerful open-source software tools tailored to automating a large variety of tasks.

We strive to innovate in making infrastructure configuration and management as effortless and efficient as possible with automation, enabling people to focus on their core objectives.

We welcome members from all skill levels to participate in our open, inclusive, and vibrant community. Whether you are an expert or just beginning your journey with Ansible, you are encouraged to contribute, share insights, and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts!


FYI We’ll keep this topic pinned for some time. Then, if there are no major concerns/objections, we’ll apply this for the sources mentioned in the description.

I love that mission statement as written, kudos to all involved who helped shape it! :heart:


@gwmngilfen @cybette @maxamillion and others thanks for participationing!

As we discussed with Greg before this topic creating, we would created it, pin and give the community a few weeks to raise concerns. There have been no concerns raised so far, which is probably a result of polishing this statement in a couple of our sub-projects, and this indicates that it can be used.
So let’s consider this accepted and use at least:

  • on the new community side on its homepage
  • here on the forum if possible and no objections on welcome page (I’m not sure if it’s possible though)
  • somewhere else, where needed

I’ll close this topic. Let’s continue discussing implementation details in dedicated topics. Thanks everyone involved!