[Vote ended on 2024-01-15] Ansible Community Slogan

Hi everyone,

There was a great research & discussion about our community mission and slogan.
Many options were collected with Greg’s survey and in the topic itself.
Now it’s time for you, the community, to share which slogan you prefer.
The slogan might appear in places where the mission statement is too long to fit,
to name a few, the forum footer, package descriptions, websites bars, swag.

The options to vote on will be (don’t vote until the vote is started but feel free to share your thoughts):

  1. Ansible: Automation powered by community
  2. Ansible: Open source automation powered by community
  3. Ansible: Automate everything
  4. Ansible: Infrastructure made simple
  5. Ansible: Community-powered open source automation

The plan is:

  1. to keep this topic pinned until Monday, December 04,
  2. start a poll here on Monday, December 04 with the above options,
  3. invite the community via Bullhorn
  4. finish the poll on Monday, January 15

Do you really want to start the vote on December 04 and finish the poll on December 11?

When you create the vote and announce it via Bullhorn, it will take some days for it to be published there. Then people won’t have much time to realize that there is a vote and to, well, vote.

Since this is nothing that (mostly) concerns the @SteeringCommittee and you want to get feedback from the community at large, I would suggest to keep the vote / poll open longer. Maybe two weeks instead of one.


:+1: for keeping the vote open for longer. Since it is < 3 weeks from 2023-12-04 to Christmas, how about letting the vote run until earlyy next year? Then everyone should have plenty of time to think about it and vote.

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Personally I’m fine with this, but the Ansible Community Topics Workflow says a vote shouldn’t run longer than 21 days :person_shrugging:

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I think Christmas is, perhaps, “the exception that proves the rule”. I’d be in favour of keeping it open longer and making a decision ahead of FOSDEM/CfgMgmtCamp


+1 keeping vote open until early next year


Sure, no rush on my side:) updated with January 15 as the end date as the first week of a year is usually not very active too.

Please share what would you prefer to see from the following options as the Ansible slogan?
  • Ansible: Automation powered by community
  • Ansible: Open source automation powered by community
  • Ansible: Automate everything
  • Ansible: Infrastructure made simple
  • Ansible: Community-powered open source automation
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The winner is Ansible: Community-powered open source automation.
I’ll create an issue to incorporate the slogan to the website.
Thanks everyone!