Ansible Mission Statement - brainstorming time!

One of the things we pointed out in our State of the Community discussion back in February is that we describe what Ansible is inconsistently in various places. I have seen:

I’m sure there’s more (please reply with any you find!). Not all of these need to change, but as we work on the community strategy of tackling fragmentation, being consistent with our message seems worth looking at.

We conducted a survey over the last few months, in which we asked simply:

  • What does Ansible mean to you?
  • How long have you been using Ansible?

The second part was just so that we could get a picture of how people view Ansible within different groups. We got 337 replies (thank you, everyone! :heart:), so I thought a bit of data analysis was in order:

Wordcloud vs Time-Using-Ansible

This is the top hundred words by frequency (with some processing - I omitted Ansible, automation, and automate, and then I did some word-stemming). The y-axis is simply frequency (as is font size), but the x-axis is created by taking all the comments the word appears in, and averaging their “time” value.

You can see that words like tool, management, open source, etc are popular for most people, but terms like easy, simple, reliable, configuration are favoured by people who’ve used Ansible for a while. Newer users favour words like powerful, documentation, consistency, software, etc.

(If you want me to see what any of these stems refers to, let me know - for example “consist” in the plot includes consistent, consistency, consistently, and so on)

We can also group this by year-group:

Now we have 20 words per group - but some are repeated, of course. This makes it a bit easier to see what each group of users is talking about. You can also see that we got a lot more replies from the most experienced group, which is perhaps not surprising.

Next steps

From here, we can start to craft a few things. We’ll want a general mission statement of what we want to be, and a one-line explanation of what we are today. I would suggest the latter takes focus from the left-side of that second plot, focusing on what new users are looking for when coming to Ansible, while the longer statement could make use of all the data.

Let’s brainstorm a few ideas here, and then we can take to the next step. Onwards! :fist:


Hi, Community!

@gwmngilfen thanks for the survey, analysis and the topic!

1. Mission statement

I have the following option reflecting the community feedback we can see on the plots (the structure is based on community.postgresql mission statement, thanks to its community -esp hunleyd- for that):

Our Mission

In the Ansible community, our mission is to produce, maintain, and popularize simple, flexible,
and powerful open-source software tools tailored to automating a large variety of tasks.

We strive to innovate in making infrastructure configuration and management as effortless
and efficient as possible with automation, enabling people to focus on their core objectives.

We welcome members from all skill levels to participate in our open, inclusive, and vibrant community.
Whether you are an expert or just beginning your journey with Ansible, you are encouraged to contribute,
share insights, and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts.

2. Slogan

Option 1: Ansible: Automation powered by community

Option 2: Ansible: Open source automation powered by community

UPDATED: changed to use “community” based on feedback in the following comments


Personal opinion: I like “by community” better here, I think it captures the intended meaning better.


+1 to @relrod for slogan I too prefer

“Ansible, Automation powered by community”

For the mission slogan: We have been using “Automation powered by community” in Ansible Community | for a while now (since June I think? probably with the update) as well as in a few presentations.

I really like how it sounds and it seems to align quite well with the feedback from the surveys (power and community are right around the middle), so add my +1 to keep that as well.

A bonus to being easy for non-English speakers to pronounce and understand.

Maybe a small variation/alternative: “Open source automation powered by community”. As a reminder and statement.


Seems like “Automation powered by community” is a front-runner for sure (I also like it).

If we are planning to do any kind of selection, we need more than one option though. So here’s a few more that jump out at me from the charts (i’m deliberately going for different here so we can debate rather than bikeshed about words):

  • Automate everything / Configure everything[1]
  • Infrastructure made simple
  • Powerful systems management

Any of those could probably be remixed together, the point is that we can pick “community”, “automation”, “simplicity”, “power” etc - and we can probably only blend 2 in a given statement.

  1. configure is also a word used by every yeargroup ↩︎

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+1 to explicitly calling out open source, that isn’t a guarantee these days :confused:


@Leo @maxamillion fair point, updated my command adding the option, thanks!

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I think having both “open source” and “community” in the short byline makes it a bit cumbersome, and one does (somewhat) imply the other anyway. So I would pick one for the short message. I’m :100:% for using both in the elevator pitch though!

I think we need to put a couple of votes together here in the next few days (and welcome to those who are just joining us :stuck_out_tongue:). I’ll try and do some wordsmithing this week.


It might look redundant if you are involved and know about our community, but this distinction seems particularly important when we look at a few projects that went under license changes recently in the landscape (and still have communities). I think reinforcing our commitment might be worth it


community powered OSS automation

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or just fuse last 2? “OSSomation”

FYI Created a separate topic for Mission statement as it’s not as fancy as Slogan.

I like that this is fun, but I fear the internet confusion it would cause :wink:

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The mission statement part has been finished in Define our community Mission statement. Thanks everyone!

We’ll create a separate topic for the slogan soon.