[Default date 2024-07-02] Collection inclusion: Include vmware.vmware in the Ansible community package

DISCLAIMER: I’m personally interested to have this collection in the Ansible Community Package. And I’m also working on it sometimes.

Anyway, Include vmware.vmware collection into Ansible package has been reviewed and, as far as I can see, approved by both @Andersson007 and @felixfontein.

So I should say the collection inclusion decision will be considered made on 2024-07-02 if no major concerns are raised until the date and will be subsequently added to corresponding ansible-buid-data files.


I approved the collection, and there was a new release with the requested changes, so I think this is totally fine! It would be great if you could create the ansible-build-data PR as well once nobody objected by 2024-07-02 :slight_smile: