[Default date 2024-04-30] Collection inclusion: include kubevirt.core in the Ansible community package

Discussion: New collection: kubevirt.core · ansible-collections/ansible-inclusion · Discussion #70 · GitHub

The collection has been reviewed by @oranod @mariolenz and myself and approved by two SC members: @mariolenz and me.

The collection decision will be considered made on 2024-04-30 if no major concerns are raised until the date and will be subsequently added to corresponding ansible-buid-data files.

This collection also has links.yml simply copied from the template without any adjustments. For me this is a blocker. I’ve mentioned that in New collection: kubevirt.core · ansible-collections/ansible-inclusion · Discussion #70 · GitHub.

We should mention this in the check list, since this is already the second collection which failed to adjust that file. Do we have some docs on how to use the collection template btw? If yes, that should be mentioned there as well. If not, maybe we should create such docs :slight_smile:

(I did check all collections included in Ansible, there’s one already included which didn’t adjust that file: The collection contains an unmodified docs/docsite/links.yml file · Issue #41 · ansible-collections/ibm.storage_virtualize · GitHub)

There is also the content-creator tool. I wonder if it helps fill out this file(and if it’s something we should suggest collection owners use instead of the template?

docs/docsite/links.yml: add linting check for default values by felixfontein · Pull Request #277 · ansible-community/antsibull-docs · GitHub will take care of this problem since that runs by default in the GHA workflow from collection_template, and it will complain until that file is changed :slight_smile: