[Default date 2024-04-25] Collection inclusion: include kaytus.ksmanage in the Ansible community package

Discussion: New collection: kaytus.ksmanage · ansible-collections/ansible-inclusion · Discussion #69 · GitHub

The collection has been reviewed by @markuman @oranod and myself and approved by two SC members: @markuman and me.

The collection decision will be considered made on 2024-04-25 if no major concerns are raised until the date and will be subsequently added to corresponding ansible-buid-data files.

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I’ve taken a quick look, and noticed that kaytus.ksmanage/docs/docsite/links.yml at main · ieisystem/kaytus.ksmanage · GitHub is the unmodified file from collection_template. It needs to be filled out correctly (or deleted), otherwise we’ll end up with quite a few wrong/broken links and information in the Ansible docsite.


Looks like it’s been deleted: Delete the unwanted links.yml file

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created a PR Include kaytus.ksmanage collection in ansible 9 by Andersson007 · Pull Request #394 · ansible-community/ansible-build-data · GitHub

It’s now included in the build files, and will show up in the next 9.6.0 release and 10.0.0 pre-release. Thanks everyone!

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Is the point about hat file not being just a copy from the template in the review checklist?