Debug SAML Auth on AWX

My Setup
All running on one RHEL server
Kubernetes: Rancher
Install Method: Rancher + AWX-Operator 2.7.2 using Kustomize
External Access: NGINX Installed on the same RHEL server to proxy external connections on HTTPS to the awx_web pod

What’s Wrong
I cannot get SAML to work. My SSO team has setup the SSO portion of the SAML login.
I setup the SAML settings in Settings->Authentication->SAML Settings.
I have the SSO Login button on the login page.
When I click the SSO button on the login page:

  1. I get forwarded to the SSO URL
  2. SSO Sends me through the SAML login process
  3. SSO forwards me back to my https://awx/sso/complete/saml/ URL
  4. My AWX forwards me to /sso/error

When I use kubectl logs to watch the awx_web pod logs, the only error I see is "ERROR … Social: ‘RelayState’. I cannot figure out how to do any real debugging on this issue to point me in the right direction to get this working.

Does anyone have any pointers or tips?