Create a VMware VM from a template using cloud-config or ignition?

Hi everyone,

using the community.vmware.vmware_guest module and the example from the docs I could successfully create a VM in vSphere.

I failed to find any hint on how to hand over cloud-init or ignition files to allow customization of the VM.

Is this just hidden somewhere I did not find it? Or is it simply not possible?

Kind Regards

It looks like it should be possible: How to customize virtual machine using Cloud-init metadata and user data in vSphere 7.0 Update 3

But I don’t think this is implemented yet. I’m not 100%, though… might be possible somehow.

Hi Mario,

in general (from VMware side) it is possible, I can use ignition or cloud-init configuration (depending on the OS) in Terraform with “regular” templates or OVA templates.

It’s just that I found no hint on how to do that with Ansible…

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