Call for Volunteers for Ansible Release Management

Hello Community,

Ansible has historically been released by Red Hat employees. Now, we are excited to open up the release process to the Community, recognizing the invaluable role you play in our ecosystem. The whole process is divided into two stages.

A. Automated release process

B. Release Managers from the Community

We have worked on the Release automation of the Ansible release process (read about it here. The second stage is to involve release managers from the Community. We have created a release managers’ working group, a platform for personal growth and learning. This working group, which has successfully handled the last few Ansible Releases, is a testament to the opportunities it provides for expanding your skills and contributing to a significant project like Ansible. We are eagerly looking for more volunteers to join the working group. If builds and releases excite you, this working group is an excellent place to start.

How to join?

To join, simply visit the Ansible Release Management matrix room and join the conversation. You will find a welcoming community of like-minded individuals ready to guide you through the process.

On behalf of the Ansible Community, Happy Automating.


I think there’s a link missing there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing out, added it.