Badge/title for collection maintainers?

Continuing the discussion from Unmaintained collection: community.rabbitmq:

I’d like to give recognition & thanks to our maintainers, Ansible literally wouldn’t be what it is without them. I’d also like for newer members of the community to be able to easily identify when these people are involved, as it lends weight to their replies :slight_smile:

I can see a few paths to this:

  1. Keep leaning on the “groups” approach, and make sure the groups have flair & titles.
    • pro: easy, already there
    • con: we generally make these groups open-access so that people with interest can join them, which is different to being a maintainer
  2. Create a badge for “Collection Maintainer” which can be used as a title
    • pro: better recognition
    • con: likely manual maintenance of who has the badges (at least until we have better integration with GitHub). The maintainers might also want to put which collections they maintain in their biography
  3. Create the badge, but grant individual titles instead (e.g “VMWare Maintainer”)
    • pro: best for recognition, especially for specific discussions
    • con: most labour intensive

I’m leaning towards 3, because while it is the “most” manual work, it’s still not a lot of work. It would mostly rely on existing maintainers letting us know when new maintainers come along.

Thoughts? @SteeringCommittee you have a lot of maintainers - is this useful?

Firstly, love that we are looking at public recognition for maintainers.

I see this as about recognition rather than Forum notifications/pings

I vote for #2, in the future maybe we can expand to #3

  1. I don’t see being a member of a group as a public thing, so where’s the recognition? Get’s confusing between maintainers and “I’m interested in this collection, so I want to be part of this Forum Group”
  2. Huge amount of work, there are 52 community.collections and obviously a lot more on top of that. If the collections are outside of gh/ansible-collections how can we script/verify maintainers?
    That said, if someone is a maintainer of 5 collections, maybe they should have 5 badged.

Q: Do we currently have a mapping between Forum account & GitHub account name?

People can set GitHub ID in their profile. Of course, there’s no real security there because you could add mariolenz to your profile or I could add gundalow to mine. I don’t know if this would be acceptable for the use-case… but if it is, there we would have the mapping.

Maybe it would also help to have a machine-readable maintainers file in collections to avoid the manual maintenance of who has the badges :bulb:

I could work with that sure. But I’m also happy to do it manually to start with :slight_smile: